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Stephanie Zimmerman, LMFT



Every individual, couple, parent or family comes with their own individual needs. My goal as a therapist is to journey with my client towards healing from our pain, feeling empowered as a person and living with healthy boundaries. My approach towards this is to develop awareness into how thoughts affect feelings and lead to actions, develop healthy coping skills and address how past experiences can influence present situations.


I am trained in EMDR, one of the most effective forms of therapy in dealing with painful memories. EMDR can shorten the length of treatment, leaving you free from your painful past, with far more lasting results. It is effective in treating (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, grief, anger, PTSD, OCD.


I specialize in working with teens and young adults. I believe in working with the individual, parent and family towards hope and healing for all involved through this transitional time. I have also worked with many families through the unique circumstances of adoption and foster care. I also specialize in attachment and sensory processing disorders.

Client Focus & Qualifications:

  • All ages - children & adults

  • Individuals, Families, Co-parenting (not couples)

  • EMDR Trained

  • Specialty training in trauma, attachment issues/disorders, and sensory processing disorders

  • Cost per session: $150

  • License & State: MFT51755 California

  • Year Graduated: 2009

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