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Andrew Cantu, LMFT



IBeginning therapy can be a decision that brings about various feelings and expectations. I enjoy hearing the unique worldviews that my clients experience life from. I believe the lives we live are fluid in their meaning, with us being the authors of the stories we live. I enjoy working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, but have always particularly enjoyed working with teens, young adults, and adults who are living through substantial life changes and transitions in the areas of school, work, and relationships.    


I offer individual, couples, and family therapy, working predominately from a narrative and existential platform. The hope I have for my clients is to discover personal insights and establish unique outcomes in the midst of life's hardships, in addition to assisting clients with forming efficient interpersonal skills.    


Therapy can bring about possibilities and insights in life that were previously unseen. I am excited to walk alongside you as you discover unique outlooks in the life you live.

Client Focus & Qualifications:

  • All ages - children over 6 years old & adults  

  • Individuals, Families, Couples  

  • Cost per session: $150  

  • License & State: LMFT 142517 California  

  • Year Graduated: 2021  

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