Michael Terry, DNP, FNP, PMHNP


It can feel overwhelming and scary trying to cope with the distress brought on by a mental health problem. You’ve decided to embark on a journey towards recovery. It won’t be simple or easy, but you’ve chosen a great team at Zimmerman Therapy Group. Getting on the right medication might be a part of that and it can be life changing, but this, too, is a process. Psychiatric medications are not like antibiotics or anti-hypertension medications. We don’t have stethoscopes, physical exams, labs, or blood pressure cuffs to tell us it’s working or not.   


My goal is to gain your trust and confidence so that you can be authentic and open enough to share what you are going through and how the medications we choose together are impacting your distress and suffering. Most medications take time to make a real difference and along the way often need adjusting, supplementing with additional meds, or even switching. If you decide to work with me, you are choosing a partner for this journey. This is a team effort. I know the science, but you know your life. I will offer you the best that research and evidence supports, but I’m a passenger and you are the driver. The decision is yours to make. 


I have decades of experience in primary care and psychiatry, working with a wide range of conditions in numerous settings and organizations, including hospitals, offices, mobile clinics, and telehealth practices for the federal government, tribes, non-profit organizations and private practices, in both California and Alaska. 


Now I can’t promise easy answers, trouble-free journeys or quick fixes. But I can promise to be honest and committed to your well-being. 

Client Focus & Qualifications:

  • Telemedicine appointments only

  • Adults and children (ages 6 and above)

  • Cost: $240 (initial assessment), $120 (30 min visit), $60 (15 min visit)

  • Specialty training in trauma, stress disorders, combined medical & psychiatric disorders.

  • Concurrently serves as Director, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program, University of San Diego, and Life Cycle Wellness, a Professional Nursing Corporation

  • National Certifications: FNP - 1094026 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) PMHNP - 200700827 American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

  • License & State: RN 269595, NP 3808, Public Health Nurse 28980, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse 546 (California)

  • Year Graduated:  RN 1976, FNP 1979, PMHNP 1989, Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) 2010